WIN Webinar: Compassionate Conversations in Action

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All negotiations happen in the domain of relationships. When we care about the other side, and genuinely want to create positive outcomes for both people, what can we do to train ourselves to engage both effectively and compassionately?

In this webinar, we will cover a few valuable ways that we can work with ourselves to stay connected during times of conflict or difference, and improve our chances of creating positive outcomes that benefit both sides.

Intentionality: Preparing for an important conversation includes clearly knowing your ultimate interests and values. Once we have this set for ourselves, it’s easier to come back to center should we get triggered or pulled off course in the conversation.

Embodiment: Working with our bodies and nervous systems is important for our ability to really hear the other despite strong differences in views. When our neurology habitually experiences difference as threatening, it is literally harder to think creatively and solve problems, let alone together.

Self-awareness and the role of compassion: Cultivating mindfulness increases our capacities to stay present despite strong emotions, like anger, hurt and fear, and communicate with compassion for ourselves and others.

We’ll share our favourite ways of doing this which anyone can practice.

Watch video from this WIN Summit webinar, titled “Bridging the Space Between You and Me”.


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