Q&A with Kim Loh from the WIN Summit


As a coach for WIN (Women In Negotiation), I was featured in their Woman Spotlight earlier this year. Here are my answers to their questions, sharing more about myself, what inspires me, and my best negotiation tip. 

If I weren’t doing this I would be: Scheming up ways to create my retreat center to facilitate and hold space for people to have transformational growthful experiences – and inviting in healers, artists, spiritual teachers, permaculturists, and many more to come collaborate with me and share their gifts!

Three adjectives to best describe you: Compassionate, determined and playful.

Your biggest loss: Up until the age of 18, I had always wanted to be an artist. After a particularly unfortunate year with health scares, poor relationships and serial instability in where I was living, I had to take a step back from that dream which devastated me. I then took a series of left turns which led me to doing a degree in philosophy in Brighton, UK – which I now credit to be one of the most valuable and important decisions of my life. My life has been forever enriched by that experience and I’m thoroughly fulfilled with the direction my life has taken since. (And I now create and sell art through unexpected avenues that I can’t wait to deepen into as I continue to grow and evolve!)

Your biggest win: Departing from teaching yoga and meditation in Shanghai when I was in my late 20’s and moving to New York where I dove into an entirely new world of conflict resolution, United Nations peace-building and some surprisingly hardcore flexibility training. That phase transformed my conceptions of myself and laid the ground work for creating the independent offerings in coaching and peace work that I now bring through in my work. I think the best part about it was that I didn’t perceive how I would create this life for myself (which was scary at times) and yet, with enormous trust and self-belief, my path unfolded for me in a truly unique and blessed way.

Words to live by: “There is something in this world that every individual can do. We all have been created with something unique to contribute.”
– Leymah Gbowee

Fantasy dinner date: The Dalai Lama

Favorite self-care ritual: Regular meditation practice, with candles and cozy everything – socks, blankets, shawls and cushions.

Best negotiation tip: Stay true to the WHY, while being flexible as to the HOW.
This means we honor the core needs, values and reasons behind parties’ desires, but practice curiosity and open-mindedness as to what value exchanges will fulfill this to the highest potential for all involved.

Original post on WIN Summit site: https://www.winsummit.com/win-woman-spotlight//win-woman-spotlight-kimberly-loh

Check out my coach page on the WIN website: https://www.winsummit.com/win-coaching/coaches/kimberly-loh


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