Meditation is the practice of
coming home to ourselves
in every moment, exactly as we are.


In the times that we are in, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and confused. A lot of people are experiencing stress, anxiety, and depression and don’t know where to turn for help. But, we are not the first to have come up against this predicament.


Many of the great spiritual traditions teach us that truth, relief, and refuge can be found right here, right now, in each present moment. I believe we are infinitely capable to meet our experience - all of it, the joys and the suffering - with sincere and loving awareness. Friendship, teachers, and a community of practice help tremendously.


From young, I have been absorbed in different kinds of stillness and embodiment practices: diving deep into Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and Yoga, Some of my deepest teachers in these wisdom traditions include Diane Musho Hamilton, Cheng Yen, Jeffrey Yuen, and Richard Freeman.



I offer the space for people to become intimate with their experience while softening the grip of identification. The trials within my own life have taught me that in life sometimes we must learn to surrender; it is necessary for us to heal. I embrace and promote philosophies and practices that bring us back into a sense of balance, ease, and open-heartedness. This lets us perceive more clearly, uncluttered by old stories and filters that no longer serve. We give ourselves permission to love ourselves and others as we really are, to feel everything fully, and be truly alive. 


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