Leaning into conflict


During these turbulent times, mediators are uniquely positioned to lead by helping weave narratives that give meaning and direction. Catch the recording of Meditators Beyond Borders’ engaging online discussion with three peacebuilders and co-authors of the forthcoming book Compassionate Conversations: How to Speak and Listen from the Heart to explore:

  • Practicing neutrality that is dynamic, engaged, and fluid
  • Taking a stand for what we want our work to represent
  • Self-awareness and the role of compassion

Hear Diane Musho Hamilton, Kimberly Loh and  Gabriel Menegale Wilson in conversation:

Notes and links from the Compassionate Conversations Session:

And here are the book / resources recommendations that were shared during the call:

  • ‘The Nordic Secret’ by Tomas Bjorkman: with good history of how the German philosophers of the 18th Century and the concept of ‘Bildung’ was used by the Nordic nations to develop. Resonates with Ken Wilber material.
  • 5 stages of Grief: “On Grief and Grieving” Elisabeth Kübler-Ross & David Kessler
  • The William Bridges model for change based on the Kubler Ross grief curve
  • Diane’s 2nd book – The Zen of You and Mehttps://www.shambhala.com/the-zen-of-you-and-me.html
  • Lawrence Kohlberg six stages of moral development.
  • Also Tomas Bjorkman’s 10 circles of belonging and ego-development.
  • Sitting in the Fire‘ by Arnold Mindell
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How to Communicate in the Midst of Strong Emotions – Free Online Class June 28, 2022

JUNE 28, 202211:30-1pm HI2:30-4pm PT4:30-6pm MX5:30-7pm ETRecording available for 48 hrs afterwardsRegister here: https://www.embodiedphilosophy.com/event/compassionate-conflict-harnessing-the-wisdom-in-our-emotions/
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Gratitude meditation

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How do we listen when we don’t agree? Interview with Shadi Mogadime from Conversations for World Change

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