Become a catalyst for connection and change

I serve leaders wishing to catalyze their inner transformation and upgrade their capacity for skillful outer action.

Through our work together, my clients learn to powerfully convey their vision, embody integrity, and gain the flexibility to access and integrate multiple perspectives. As they become more masterful and effective in their communication and how they collaborate, they intuitively build trustful, nurturing, creative relationships with others, in service of their highest dreams and visions. Through these relationships, everything becomes possible.



For individual coaching, we work together in one-on-one sessions in durations of 6 or 12 months, meeting weekly or fortnightly (via Zoom), with unlimited in-between support through text/voice messaging and mini-calls as needed. I am selective and take on only a few clients at a time so I can be full and present, and offer you undistracted support in realizing your unique goals and aspirations.



For group coaching, I formulate groups of around 5-8 women, for shorter, more intensive times, ranging from 6 weeks to 3 months. Some of these programs are public and others  are by invitation only. These usually have a core focus, for example, my negotiation program is Fair & Fulfilled: Ask for and receive what you desire and deserve.


I work best with people who identify with the following:


  • You feel deeper potential in you that is unexpressed, professionally and personally, and you’re not willing to compromise anymore.
  • You realise your own defences, emotional patterns, and habitual ways of engaging might be holding you back as a leader, and you are ready to rework these with guidance, practice, and love.
  • Your working relationships with others may feel stagnant, unproductive, or argumentative and it’s negatively affecting your ability to fulfil your mission together, but you don’t know how to make the changes you want. 
  • You feel you are on the verge of great transformation and know that you are worth the support, commitment, and investment in yourself.

Kim's work allows her clients and audiences to gain a higher sense of Self, of emotional awareness, and of clarity in vision and purpose. Her work is needed, her advice sought after and her teachings are insightful and enlightening.

—Jose Pascal da Rocha,
author, professor, mediator, and organizational consultant



Gay Rosenblum-Kumar

Gay Rosenblum-Kumar (US)

United Nations Representative, Peace Direct & Nonviolent Peaceforce

Kim is a great communicator who can build good collaborative relationships and impart to others how to do the same. She is very empathetic, intuitive, detail-oriented and yet fully grasping of the big picture. She is an innovator and leader as a coach, a communicator, and a brave human being. She truly helps people evolve and get the confidence to transform themselves and take new directions in their lives.

Tony Tse

Tony Tse (US)

Organizational Development Specialist

As a leader, Kim unites members together to march as one beat by demonstrating respect, empathy, due diligence and vision. She embodies a desirable combination that creates value for any organization. 

Barry Sommer

Barry Sommer (US)

Psychologist, Consultant & Professor

Kim possesses that rare combination of cognitive and emotional intelligence that leads to excellent contributions, and natural leadership. She does not preach; she leads by model and example. 

Georgia Tacaks

Georgia Takacs (Italy/Canada)

Founder, Writer & Astrologer

Kim wholeheartedly inspires me to be the leader I know I am. She truly embodies the peace and wisdom she advocates; coming into her orbit has transformed my life for the better. 

If this speaks to you, please send me a message with some information about you, your needs, and I will reach out within a week via email to schedule a phone or Zoom conversation for us to connect further. I tend to book three months in advance. 


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I help leaders, founders and senior management teams cultivate the skills and capacities to handle conflict and disputes creatively and effectively.

I guide my clients in up-leveling their interpersonal relationships — to incorporate greater connection, clarity and compassion into their workplaces — in order to maximize the impact they seek to make in the world.