How To Speak And Listen From The Heart


Author Sam Harris says that “the evolution of human civilization has been nothing less than a series of successful conversations.” But what exactly does it take to have a successful conversation? This is the question we recently explored along with the other authors of “Compassionate Conversations – How To Speak And Listen From The Heart.”

Have you noticed these days that it is becoming increasingly difficult to have important conversations?  What does this fact say about us, about our society, and about humanity as a whole? Well, there is a way that we can all work on this.

Recently author Miles Kessler hosted a Community Call and workshop with Diane Musho Hamilton, Gabriel Minegale Wilson, & Kimberly Loh, the authors of the new book “Compassionate Conversations – How To Speak And Listen From The Heart.”

In the below workshop replay Diane, Gabe, and Kim will lead you through practice exercises of working with the polarities of “sameness and difference.” Here is what you’ll learn in the workshop replay on “Compassionate Conversations”

  • How the experience “sameness” creates cohesion, relaxation, and bonding
  • But too much sameness leads to boredom and complacency
  • How the experience of “difference” catalyzes conversations and unlocks creativity
  • But too much difference only destabilize and prevents depth and cohesion
  • Noticing the embodied feelings of sameness and difference
  • Sameness is soothing and listening is the skill
  • Difference is exciting and expression is the skill

Here is the replay of the community call and workshop. Enjoy!


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