Compassionate Conversations topics – playlist on Youtube


In the lead up to the publication of Compassionate Conversations in summer 2020, my co-author Gabriel and I went live on Facebook to share a series of exchanges and invite our communities a little deeper into our world. Diane makes a special appearance in the fifth and final video, and I fail to not make us sound like a cult (!). At least we’re happy together. 🙂

Informed by our book and our tendency to geek out together, we explored these topics:

Working with our Bodies

Setting Intentions

Exploring the Mind of Compassion

Transmuting Strong Emotions

Handling Feedback

Working with these themes can genuinely support us having more effective, truthful and heart-felt conversations.

I hope that the practices and tips offered here can be applied to your own life. As always, please reach out if I can answer any questions and help make the book come alive for you.

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How to Communicate in the Midst of Strong Emotions – Free Online Class June 28, 2022

JUNE 28, 202211:30-1pm HI2:30-4pm PT4:30-6pm MX5:30-7pm ETRecording available for 48 hrs afterwardsRegister here:
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