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In the lead up to the publication of Compassionate Conversations in summer 2020, my co-author Gabriel and I went live on Facebook to share a series of exchanges and invite our communities a little deeper into our world. We explored topics from our book: Working with our bodies, Setting intentions, Exploring the mind of compassion, Transmuting strong emotions, and Handling feedback. In these videos we talked about how working with these themes can support us having more effective, truthful and heart-felt conversations, and offered practices and tips that can be applied to your own life. 


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Conversations for World Change with Shadi Mogadime

I had a wonderful time being interviewed by Shadi Mogadime, whose fascinating story begins in South Africa, takes her through ...
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WIN Webinar: Compassionate Conversations in Action

All negotiations happen in the domain of relationships. When we care about the other side, and genuinely want ...
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Bridging the Space Between You and Me: Compassionate Conversations in Action

Join a conversation with Kimberly Loh and Gabriel Wilson, co-authors (with Diane Musho Hamilton) of "Compassionate Conversations: How ...
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