Conversations for World Change with Shadi Mogadime


I had a wonderful time being interviewed by Shadi Mogadime, whose fascinating story begins in South Africa, takes her through eight different countries by the time she was five, some of them living as a refugee with her family, and lands into where she is now, based in Canada. We went deep into the power of presence, spiritual practice in peacebuilding, and provided you with real life tools you can start using right away. We timed the free streaming of the interviews to support you during the holiday season.

In this interview series called Heart to Heart, here’s just a small sample of what you’ll learn

– An effective way to dissolve your stress in less than 30 seconds without having to walk away from the conversation or the person
– How to immediately stop the conversation and other people from getting so heated it causes a rift. And, how to heal rifts that have happened in the past.
– Powerful means to stand for your truth, allow for the other person’s truth and stay connected

If you would like to stream all of the interviews and learn to better connect with others, even if you never agree, register for this FREE event today


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