transforming conflicts into Creative opportunities


Inability to navigate conflict productively can cost us tremendously:


  • 60% of high-potential organizations fail due to people problems (Harvard). 
  • Poor conflict management costs companies hundreds of billions of dollars every year (CPP). 
  • Unresolved issues can result in project failure, employee attrition, loss of talent, toxic work cultures and lawsuits. 

On the other hand, when we learn to communicate clearly and effectively, really hear one another, hold multiple points of view, and engage complexity, we can unleash the creativity, intelligence, and energy inherent within conflict to catalyze our work in the world.



I help leaders, founders, and senior management teams cultivate the skills and capacities to
handle conflict and disputes creatively and effectively. 


I specialize in:


  • Communication & negotiation
  • Teamwork & collaboration
  • Emotional intelligence 
  • Diversity & inclusion
  • Mediation
  • Conflict management/transformation systems


I have worked as a consultant, researcher, mediator, and advisor for organizations, companies, non-profits, international non-governmental organizations, and multilateral agencies.




pascal da rocha

Jose Pascal da Rocha (Ukraine/US)

OSCE Dialogue Facilitation Officer,  Mediation Expert, Author, Professor & Consultant
Kim is an avid learner, a passionate and caring human being, centered and grounded in the world, ancient learnings, and future journeys. This amalgam of wisdom, knowledge and compassion gives Kim not only an edge in the field of work she is, but moreover gives her audiences and clients the guidance, serenity and crystal clear insights needed to navigate the deep waters of life. Her work is needed, her advice sought after and her teachings are insightful and enlightening.


Dev Tandon

Dev Tandon (US)

Author and Founder of OBO Movement 

In today’s turbulent, post-pandemic world, Kim’s message and vision is more important now than ever. By asking the right questions, she is able to hold multiple perspectives while creating and promoting a safe environment for those with whom she works.



Katharina (Germany)

Advisor and Leadership Consultant for Peace Building, Social Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Kim has a talent for helping you to find what you were not seeing all along. She has the highest ethical standards. She does not shy away from difficult conversations and can help her clients with a sheer endless repertoire of negotiation techniques for challenging situations at work and in private life. Her sessions feel like coming home.

I guide my clients in up-leveling their interpersonal relationships — to incorporate greater connection, clarity, and compassion into their workplaces — in order to maximize the impact they seek to make in the world. We work through one on one sessions, facilitated and purposeful group meetings, retreats, and trainings. 


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