Compassionate Conversations: Publishers Weekly Review


Zen meditation teacher Hamilton, leadership coach Wilson, and Loh, a peace specialist working with the United Nations, expound on ways to have simple and effective conversations in this instructive work.

The authors describe a number of methods to improve communication skills using steps based on speech, culture, and identity. Readers are encouraged to listen to different perspectives, let go of their own viewpoints, and maintain a clear understanding of their desires and goals within every conversation.

This can be difficult to achieve, the authors admit, but they argue it is very important to individual and societal well-being. The book’s most urgent sections show how good communication can facilitate conflict resolution that can arise from a number of debates, including those surrounding political correctness and identity politics.

Six essentials for good conversation (“be for each other,” listen well, talk straight, give support and challenge, use praise, keep agreements) provide a road map for success, while questions and exercises at the end of each chapter offer an additional resource. Any reader will gain insight from this helpful guide to communication and conflict resolution. (May)


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