Case Study: Ray


Ray was the Founder and CEO of a company with a timely opportunity. His company sought to bring a product to market that would dynamically change the country’s response to the global COVID-19 outbreak. However their desired impact was being vitally threatened by the team’s inability to work together productively. They were becoming divided, with accusations thrown and disagreements festering around power and decision-making. Ray felt angry and desperate, and wanted to learn immediately how to hone both his leadership and conflict resolution skills so that he could lead this team to success. He was aware that he was at the center of it all, but unsure how to transform the problems in the relationships.

Within one week of the process beginning, we moved fast to dive deep into the interpersonal issues. We conducted two deep exploratory sessions with Ray to unearth the major conflict points and associated frictions, a facilitated team meeting so I could see firsthand the conflict dynamics at play, and one-on-one focused conversations with each of three team members to gather their perspectives and ideas for resolution. 

From even this first stage of the intervention, Ray was relieved to be able to feel himself proactively engaging with the problem in a way which aligned with his values and sense of deeper knowing. He immediately had ideas about ways to improve and the team intuitively put some changes in place to smoothen places where friction was occurring. The team gleaned new insights about their interrelationships, and consequently were prepared to respond decisively at the right moments by making changes in personnel and responsibilities. These changes were catalyzed through awareness about their conflict patterns, deeper levels of honesty, and their courage to act.

By the time Ray completed his first 6 sessions he was demonstrating a more sophisticated level of awareness about himself and key relationships in his life. He was able to see the habitual patterns he was repeating in the present moment and identify opportunities to choose differently. In continued leadership development sessions, we focused on key themes including emotional maturity and creating integrated strategies to better understand the lessons available in his existing conflicts. He welcomed numerous phenomenal advisors and business partners into his life during this time, allowing him to optimize the market position for his current business operations as well as pave better pathways ahead for his future business potential.

From Ray’s willingness to wholeheartedly engage his leadership and conflict abilities, he was able to experience greater clarity and dynamism in his life, and a self-confidence that he really was able to change himself and his relationships for the better.  


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