ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast: The Neurology of Sameness and Difference


Neuroscientists are coming to understand far more deeply the functioning of the brain and nervous system and its relationship to conflict. This understanding has tremendous relevance to the work of mediators and conflict resolution professionals.

  • Appreciation of the commonality of our human experience, and its role in building sustainable peace. 
  • Understanding that talking about our differences arouses the nervous system, creating excitement and provoking defensive patterning. 
  • Entrainment of our nervous systems to identify the distinct experiences of sameness and difference.
  • Learning how to change our defensive patterning by breathing, relaxing, and staying open to many perspectives.
  • Fostering constructive dialogue which includes the skillful engagement of difference and excitement, noticing when difference becomes threat and reducing it.

Hear Kimberly Loh and co-authors Diane Musho Hamilton and Gabriel Menegale Wilson as part of the ACR-GNY Roundtable Breakfast | November 5, 2020


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